Client errors

When an HTTP request to the API is malformed a response with a 4XX status code is returned.

400 Bad Request

The request is invalid. If you attempted to modify or create a resource it’s possible the request body contains invalid data (e.g. a required field is missing, an email field is invalid, ...). The response body should contain more details about the origins of the error.

401 Unauthorized

The provided credentials are invalid. Refer to the authentication section for troubleshooting.

404 Not Found

The specified resource doesn’t exist or is not accessible anymore. You should make sure the specified URI is valid.

409 Conflict

The alteration of the specified resource is conflictual. More details should be available from the response body and a conflict resolution strategy should be detailed in the specified resource documentation.

Server errors

When Emailicious’ servers cannot treat your request adequately a response with a 5XX status code is returned. Such instances should be rare and intermittent and you should contact our support team if the problem persists.

500 Internal Server Error

Emailicious’ servers encountered an undisclosed internal error processing your request and our engineers are working toward fixing the underlying issue. The response should contain an X-Sentry-ID header containing a UUID identifying your request that might be requested by Emailicious’ support team.